Sunday, July 7, 2013

11/8/12 & 11/9/12 Birthday Celebrations

Celebrated Tom's birthday on 11/8/12 at his parent's house with cake, dinner and a new GoPro camera. Hmmm I wonder what adventures a waits for this little camera? I know Tom with put it to good use where ever he may go. Fishing, biking, hiking, the soccer field etc. Happy Birthday Thomas!

We also celebrated Morgan's 7.5 birthday on 11/9/12. Lego Friends are a big hit with you and a new hula hoop brings more entertainment around the house. You are starting to advance in your reading thanks to encouragement and reading program at school. I know with your determination and lots of encouragement reading will become easier for you. Your art skills continue to amaze us each and everyday. It helps you relax and brings out the creativity inside of you.

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