Thursday, December 5, 2013

School Western Fair 11/17/12

Aiden and his 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Guthrie
Petrina, Morgan, Natalie & Allison
Morgan and her rainbow snow cone.
Cassie, Allison & Morgan

Our family attended the school western fair to help support our school. Its always a big funraiser that helps with support our kids field trips through out the year. As you can see in the photos we all had lots of fun. This year the event was at our new high school in Lemon Grove. Its a huge campus that always for them to play sports and spread their wings a bit.

Last Soccer Game of the Season 11/17/2012

The Disco Cats played their last game of the season on 11/17/2012. The girls have all gown so much this year and are become great little soccer players. Morgan's main position played was forward. She really loves to be all over the field, but her coaches were good about getting her to stay focused and play her position. Which helped the team score some goals. Morgan's nickname is the energizer bunny. She maybe little, but she can run down most kids on the soccer field. Great job Disco Cats for a season well played. 

Operation Shoe Box 2012

Brownie Troop does another year of Operation Shoe Box. The girls always have fun putting little goodies in the boxes and learning about why its important to help others who are less fortunate then we are. This year our boxes went to the Philipines to children who have very little.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Frog and Toad School Field Trip

Sammi, Natalie, Morgan and Joelle

Isabelle, Morgan and Joelle

I got chosen to be a parent chaperone on the 2nd grade field trip to see Frog and Toad a CYT play down in Pacific Beach. The kids all had a great time and got to eat lunch and play on the play ground down at the bay. It's funny when I volunteer, Morgan tends to want to separate from me and be with her friends. Oh the joys of a mom.

The Springs at Borrego 11-10-12

Our family camping trip at the Springs at Borrego 11-10-12 with The Swadleys and The Bernards. We went hiking, swimming, rode bikes, fishing eat ice cream at the ice cream parole in town and relaxed around the camp fire. Even the grandparents join in on our little vacation. A hidden jewel in the desert.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

11/8/12 & 11/9/12 Birthday Celebrations

Celebrated Tom's birthday on 11/8/12 at his parent's house with cake, dinner and a new GoPro camera. Hmmm I wonder what adventures a waits for this little camera? I know Tom with put it to good use where ever he may go. Fishing, biking, hiking, the soccer field etc. Happy Birthday Thomas!

We also celebrated Morgan's 7.5 birthday on 11/9/12. Lego Friends are a big hit with you and a new hula hoop brings more entertainment around the house. You are starting to advance in your reading thanks to encouragement and reading program at school. I know with your determination and lots of encouragement reading will become easier for you. Your art skills continue to amaze us each and everyday. It helps you relax and brings out the creativity inside of you.

Soccer Game 11-3-12

Morgan playing her heart out each and every game. Never afraid of the ball or the size of the girl, always focused on the ball and getting it down the field. All her energy serves her well towards the end of the game when most of the other girls are worn out from playing. Morgan just keeps on going. The Energizer Bunny!